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We buy second hand furnitures

Do you have commercial spaces that are unoccupied or to be vacated soon? We are offering full package buy over everything in a competitive price, including your unwanted furnitures.
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Evaluation & review

Our professional team will evaluate and review your properties & furnitures to offer a fair price. Save a great sum on transportation & clearance fee because our package includes all-in services.
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Payment on collection

Cash & Carry. Upon agreeing on the final price, the payment will be paid to you on collection day.
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Looking to relocate or clear off your business sites?

In rush to relocating offices or clear spaces? We offer to buy & refurbish to create second-hand resell values. We accept almost all kinds of furniture & equipments

Second hand items or furnitures refurbished to almost as new ones - at great price

Cut down your business start up cost by using second hand furnitures refurbished by us. Get even better deal by bundle sales

Other services

Start business at a lower capital startup

Furnitures & machineries are a huge capital expenditure to all businesses. We offer a wide variety of second hand furnitures, all refurbished to as new. Why spend more when you could save?

Looking for refurbished and strategic-positioned commercial properties?

Our portfolio included many businesses lots that are strategically positioned in high traffic areas. Even better, these businesses are already refurbished to new look and ready for business.

Need professional refurbishment & renovation?

We also offer renovation & refurbishment services for tenants who wish to revamp their business sites to brand new look.