SR Project Trading

Award-winning second-hand equipment dealer

No Budget? No Idea? No Problem, We here to help you!

In SR Project Trading, we provide full solution on New & Second-hand Technology. We trade used furnitures and refurbish to create second hand items values in supply chain. Besides, we also extend our professionalism to renovation service, as part of integrated service to help business owner to set up or close business

Our clientele comprises entire Malaysia and to neighbouring ASEAN countries such as Singapore, Brunei, Thailand and etc.

SR Project Trading is proudly and equally grateful be awarded with TOP 500 Trusty Brand Award by Majlis Tindakan Pengguna Negara. This further establishes us as one of the trusted brand in dealing second hand equipment in Malaysia. Its our mission to create value out of second hand equipment for our clients

What we do

We Buy Businesses / Projects / Furnitures

We offer to buy all business assets in bulk, including lot and furnitures. Transportation and clearance are all borne by us

We Sell Second Hand Furnitures

Furnitures & machineries are a huge capital expenditure to all businesses. We offer a wide variety of second hand furnitures, all refurbished to as new. Why spend more when you could save?

We Rent Refurbished Business Lots At Great Price

Our portfolio included many businesses lots that are strategically positioned in high traffic areas. Even better, these businesses are already refurbished to new look and ready for business.

We provide professional refurbishment & renovation

We also offer renovation & refurbishment services for tenants who wish to revamp their business sites to brand new look or revert unwanted business lot back to default state